x500 Metis


x500 Metis


Server Update v7

Update v7

* Increased Elemental talismans (both) rate from Insomnia Moss
* decreased bc3 gate and statue hp
* in maps from Abys 1 ill last map increased zen drop
* Swamp of Darkness added in drop Elemental Runes
* Swamp of Darkness increased EXC item drop
* Added Elite monsters to Red Icarus
* increased Condor Flame drop rate in Barracks
* set up Silver Heart and Manticore items for Gun Crusher

[+] Added Gun Crusher 6th and 7th Mastery items, 4th wings, etc (some visual issues may occur)
[+] Added Elemental Attack Success Rate formula to lua file
[!] Fixed not working luck rate setting for third wings mix
[!] Fixed overlapped (required) items deletion for LMS event
[!] Fixed deletion of selected talismans for item level upgrade mix
[!] Fixed personal store visual issues and item price set bug
[!] Increased antiflood count from 80 to 160
[!] Fixed character select visual issues after char deletion
[!] Fixed not working socket count in shop for pentagram items
[!] Fixed Solid Protection and Wrath infinite damage increase issue
[!] Fixed not working circle shield skill
[!] Fixed GS crash
[+] Remade 3D Camera Plugin (F6 to Enable/Disable, right mouse button to rotate, scroll to zoom)
[!] Fixed selected items config

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