x500 Metis


x500 Metis


OPENING 30.01.2021.

We are happy to announce re-opening of our project!
Date: 30.01.2021.
Time: 18:00 UTC +0

Some tips before Start:
- /offlevel is working 24/7 for everyone
- to reset skill trees, You should spin Insomnia Night Moss lottery to find Grey Oblivion or Black Oblivion
- middle hard economy, so already from beginning set You helper to pick up zen
- bosses respawn time is hidden, for this control we have enabled notification system, it means that in game You will see notification with red letters, which monster spawn and in which map (coords is still hidden)
- no admin shop, everything what is affordable You can see in Xshop and in our custom Moss Merchant
- to earn our main currency - Night Jewel's, do active participation in game Events

Join our Discord channel for Help and Support!

Regards, Lat1sh