x500 Metis


x500 Metis


Lorencia Horse Race Event

•    No player limit, elimination style, everyone gets something
•    Log into the game during the server's event time. (not determined yet)
•    Find the GM Character named WizaKhalif around the Lorencia race track (coordinates 124, 83).
•    There will be 3 levels of Races. You must be a winner in the first race to advance to the next race.
•    No PKing or Teleporting is allowed. Anyone caught teleporting or Pking players will be disqualified.

o    First Race: Walking Foot Race (players cannot wear wings, boots, or use any pets/mounts). The top 50% of runners will move to the next round, and anyone caught running or flying will be disqualified.
    Losers will get a 10k ruud box
    Winners move to the next round

o    Second Race: Running/Wing Race (players can wear whatever boots or wings they want, but players can NOT use pets or mounts. Anyone caught using a mount will be disqualified.)
    Losers will get a 30k ruud box
    Winners will move to the next round

o    Third Race: Pet/Mount Race (players can use any CLASSIC mount they want (NO GHOST HORSE, no ice dragon))
o    Players will be provided a Unira for the race if they do not have one.

o    Final prize Still to be determined

•    The winners will be determined as follows:
o    Tier One: The first 50% of people to cross the finish line move to the next round.
o    Tier Two: First 5 players to cross the finish line will move to the next round
o    Tier Three: First 2 players to cross the finish line, according to the GM character
Depending on how long the event takes, we may do this more than once.

•    The races are only one lap. You will start behind the finish line, and you must cross it again to complete the lap.

For registration PM WizaKhalif in our Discord channel.