Creating Fourth Wing
Devil, Angel, Genius, Eternal, Destruction, Control Wings, Judgement and Eternity Cloak
Crafting Location: Chaos Machine (Noria Map – Coordinates 180,102)

- Garuda's Feather
- Garuda's Flame
- 50 Golden Crests
- Greater Spirit Stone - (Higher Magic Stone and x50 MAX)
- Jewel of Chaos Bundle (x30)
- Bundle of Jewel of Soul (x30)
- Bundle of Jewel of Bless (x30)
- Bundle of Jewel of Creation (x30)
- Zen: 10,000,000

1. First, gather the above ingredients for the specific stones.
2. Move or warp your character to map Noria to coordinates 180,102 and click the NPC Chaos Goblin.
3. Click Regular Combinations and add the above listed ingredients. Click the item and drag to 
   the combination box on the left and click on an empty space. (You can also right click the 
   item on your inventory so the item will move automatically to the combination box).
4. Once all the items are placed in the combination box you then click “Combining” button.


Posted01 / 09 / 2020

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