x500 Metis


x500 Metis


Server Update v8

Upadate v8

* increased /offlevel duration to 24h, for VIP its 32h
* fixed 100k Ruud box Visual to normal size
* Gun Crusher mastery Weapon level requirements decreased to 400 lvl
* Gun Crusher Blue Eye items added to Abyss Of Atlans maps
* Gun Crusher Silverheart items added to Scorched Canyon and Red Smoke Icarus
* Gun Crusher Manticore items added to Arenil Temple
* Excellent item drop increased starting from Abys Of Atlans maps
* Blood Castle and Devil Square set to NON-pvp maps
* Seal of Sustenance added to xShop, for Wcoins and Goblin Points
* Increased some skill drop rate in Kalima 3, for example Darkness Parchament

[!] Fixed Gremory Case issue when withdrawing items from Personal Store
[!] Fixed selection of Talismans use with Item Level Upgrade mix
[!] Fixed Errtels purchase from shops
[!] Fixed Game Server crash
[!] Fixed Gun Crusher character creation type selection not working
[!] Fixed guild approval awaiting list not displaying pending requests properly
[!] Fixed fail on 100% success rate for selection of Chaos Box mixes
[!] Fixed selection of Archangel weapons upgrade mix not working
[!] Fixed PStore SQL errors
[!] Excluded Labyrinth/4th Class Quest from CryWolf benefits/penalties
[!] Fixed Gun Crusher 4th wings creation
[!] Fixed COMBO skill effect appears at invalid cases
[!] Enabled (optionally) PK for BC and DS (see change of MapAttribute.xml, update the file to keep old functionality)
[!] Fixed auto-stack of siege potions
[!] Fixed durability of siege potions when picked up from ground 2 > 1
[!] Fixed F8 UI hide not working
[!] Fixed F7 crash game client in certain scenarios
[!] Fixed selection of mastery upgrade mix not working when input item option is greater than 16
[!] Decreased slightly (for better experience) max zoom out range for 3D Camera plugin
[!] Fixed Muun options description
[!] Fixed default MonsterList.xml configuration

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