x500 Metis


x500 Metis


Server Update v6

Update v6

* Increased Jewel of Guardian drop in Land of Trials
* Added 2 additional Erohim's in Land of Trials (now together 3 Erohim's)
* Lorencia PVP ring now is PK free area, it means You can made fights in Ring without getting negative PK points
* Blood Castle 3 increased HP for Gate and Statue
* Increased Excellent item drop in Karutan, Acheron, Ferea, Swamp of Calmness
* Decreased possibility win Black and Grey oblivions from Insomnia Moss gamble
* Devil Square: Time to open the event from notification moment changed to 5 minutes, Time to close the event after notification period changed to 1 minute
* Increased EXP gain in Devil Square
* Starting from next Castle Siege, reward increased to 200 Night Jewels
* Added Earrings of Honor to xShop
* Summoner max possible attack speed increased to 1150
* Doppel Ganger decreased required party member count to 2 (event itself will be reworked soon)
* Increased Ice Wind Valley rewards: GM gets 30 Night Jewels and 50k ruud, Winning guild members gets 50k ruud, Participating players gets 10k ruud
* increased Mysterious stone Mastery option rates
* decreased Reflect damage from 70% to 50%
* Increased rate of Elemental Talismans from Insomnia Moss lottery
* Increased Titan Gun (Gun socket armors) drop from regular monsters in Raklio

[!] Fixed /spawn command same map issue
[!] Fixed occasional game client close upon use use of Sword Blow skill
[!] Fixed visual issues while teleporting with mounts
[!] Fixed muuns hide for anti-lag plugin
[!] Fixed certain mixes allowed to put not allowed item directly from equipped items
[!] Fixed Dark Spirit attack of invincible buff holders
[!] Fixed reconnect may switch to incorrect channel
[!] Fixed Personal Store withdrawal of improper jewels amount
[!] Fixed Haste/Burst Strengthener skills not working
[!] Added Data Server protection not allowing to run Data Server when no data presents in GameServerInfo table

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