x500 Metis


x500 Metis


Server Update v5

Update v5

* added Spots in Karutan map
* added Spots in Red Icarus map
* allowed make party between both GENS
* silver and gold key allowed to trade, sell in personal store, store in vault
* ghost horse mount level changed to 400
* fixed black and blue fenrir life issue when purchase in xshop for GP
* added Mysterious stone to xshop
* decreased luck talisman and elemental luck talisman prices for GP
* added item bags for Elite Monsters in Red Icarus and Arenil Temple
* fixed xshop Watter HP recovery seed to right one
* uploaded White wizard and Acheron Bosses update

[+] Added Drop Count Limit System
[!] Fixed Gremory Case reward receipt duration for BC, DC, DS events
[!] Fixed Monster Spawn Event system issues
[!] Fixed minimum character level to create specific character class not working properly
[!] Fixed corrupted Errtels coming as a result of event item bags reward
[!] Fixed steel armor skill of Slayer not working
[!] Fixed upgrade mix of Ice Dragon does not properly detect options count of input item
[!] Fixed 380 item options lost after sale in Personal Store
[!] Fixed Weakness Strenghtener tooltip description
[!] Added protection on PentagramJewelOptionValue.xml file load to make sure server is being run with proper config 
[!] Fixed not visible party matching list after opening the PM window
[!] Fixed Data Server crash

To Update Your Client, please run Launcher or Patch Your client manually