x500 Metis


x500 Metis


Server Update v2

Update v2

* fixed Fire symbols (new picked up)
* Elemental Rune added to Lorencia Bar shop
* Jewel of Wisdom (socket) added to drop Pouch of Blessing
* Jewel of Science (skill) added to drop Pouch of Blessing
* VIP chaos machine mix increased for every mix +10%
* Crywolf fenrir combination fragmets drop increased (under testing) 
* Increased total weapon socket count from 6 to 10
* Fixed Wing of Power now tradeable
* Abyss of Atlans 1,2,3 added spots (1 hotspot)
* Scorched Canyon added spots (1 hotspot)
* Increased Party exp, depends of party (regular or different characters) reaches higher exp
* Removed Elemental Rune from Lor bar shop
* Changed Anti-Speed Hack settings to less sensitive to avoid player false disconnections
* Character Max reachable attack speed changed to Optimal depends of character
* Ice Dragon mount level changed from 900 to 400
* Sphere Upgrade Rune Capsule price decreased from 5000 to 1000 ruud
* Fixed non pick-able Apples
* Crywolf Fenrir fragments rate increased more
* Introduced GENS system: https://insomniamu.com/guides

Added Reward for Acheron bosses (1h):
Sylphid - Wind:
50 % 3x Elementel Capsules Wind
50 % 10x Elementel Runes
Gnome - Earth:
50 % 3x Elementel Capsules Earth
50 % 10x Elementel Runes
Salamander - Fire:
50 % 3x Elementel Capsules Fire
50 % 10x  Elementel Runes
Hellraiser - Darkness:
50 % 3x Elementel Capsules Darkness
50 % 10x Elementel Runes
Undine - Water  :
50 % 3x Elementel Capsules Water
50 % 10x Elementel Runes

[!] Fixed not working Firecracker effect 
[!] Fixed move to Battle Zone while in party
[!] Fixed Solid Protection Enhancement skill not working properly
[!] Fixed not working Battle Core Notice window
[+] Fixed not working options of item max upgrade level for Jewels of Dark Soul and Dark Bless
[!] Fixed cool down of selected pentagram options not working after casting a buff
[!] Fixed swapped values of Rank 2 options ID 1 and 2 of Errtel of Radiance
[!] Fixed Error 30000 appearing occassionally
[!] Fixed Exp Multiplier display info
[!] Fixed lang 415 not displaying in specific scenario
[!] Fixed Triple Shot Enhancement skill barrage count
[!] Fixed Ice Wind Castle event warp abuse
[!] Fixed inability to sell cash shop items with sockets as a result of recent modification
[!] Fixed not working properly Pentagram "DEF Added to elemental def + 5%" option
[!] Fixed Ice Blast attrack delay issue
[!] Fixed CanSellInStoreFullExcItem option not working for new personal store
[!] Fixed Off Traders do not get disconnected when personal store gets emptiet
[!] Fixed Exp Bar display issues in certain scenarios
[!] Fixed DataServer crash
[!] Fixed default config of ExcellentOptions.xml
[!] Fixed Game Server dupe vulnerability